Židova Strouha (Jews´ Valley)

It is a romantic canyon-like valley along a stream (3 km south of Bechyně, near Nuzice) through which a yellow tourist path runs. During wet periods it is hardly passable. By the confluence of the stream with the Lužnice, the valley features mighty cliffs.

The valley was named after Jews who hid below the inaccessible slopes when they were expelled from Bohemia under the reign of the Czech King Vratislav II. Jews´ Valley is 20.5 km long and it drains a territory of 74 square kilometers.

A hiking trip through Jews´ Valley might be fairly adventurous, you had better plan it in nice weather and not after heavy rains. You will have to cross the stream many times here and there; do not forget to bring a snack since there are no pubs or fast food facilities there.

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375 01 Týn nad Vltavou



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