Chýnov Cave

Chýnov Cave was discovered in 1863 and it was the first cave in Bohemia opened to the public. Thanks to its geological structure it is unique in the context of the whole world, and in our country it is one of the largest ones of this type.

Layers of marble with amfibolites which create so called eyes on walls and cause them to look colourful compensate for the lack of stalagmites and stalactites. An underground brook with potable water flows through the labyrinth of corridors. The cave is listed due to its natural beauty. A 220 metre long path is accessible to the public; the deepest spot of the path is 41 metres under the ground. Other than by car it can be accessed by train from Tábor to Chýnov, and from there on foot for about 3 km along a blue tourist path, which will bring you directly to Chýnov Cave.

Address / contact

Dolní Hořice 54,
391 55 Chýnov

+420 381 299 034

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