Veselí Sandpits Educational Path (7 km)

Two kilometres south-west of Veselí nad Lužnicí (on the southernmost edge of the Tábor region) visitors can find 240 hectares of an area which was remodelled by the quarrying of sand and gravel. The quarrying activities carried out in the years 1952-1986 resulted in the creation of five lakes.

Fourteen information boards scattered along the banks of two of the lakes mark a 7-kilometre long path. The Veselí Sandpits educational path (a part of the Třeboň Nature area) informs visitors about unique water and earth-bound plants and animals adopted to life in sandy soil. One of the information boards also points out the nature reserve “Sand Dune“ near Vlkov, which is often called an ’island in the South-Bohemian desert’. The whole area is a sought-after summer swimming and recreation resort.

Address / contact

391 81 Veselí nad Lužnicí


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