Čertovo Břemeno (The Devil´s Burden)

Čertovo Břemeno (The Devil´s Burden) is an area situated north-west of Tábor and got its name from a rock formation, Čertovo Břemeno, entangled with several legends. A granite rock formation is situated on the north edge of the Jistebnice Highlands about 6 km north of Jistebnice. You can see a number of stone bowls on the top of the rock formation which were allegedly created by the devil, who was carrying this heavy stone on his back and threw it down on this site.

The Greenways international cycling route from Prague to Vienna runs through this region (comprising the following villages: Červený Újezd, Heřmaničky, Ješetice, Mezno, Smilkov, Střezimíř, Sedlec Prčice, Borotín, Jistebnice, Nadějkov and Radkov) Several other marked cycling routes branch off the international path and these are called the Čertovo Břemeno Greenways. The hilly countryside is excellent for hiking, cycling, hunting, horse riding or angling. A nine-hole golf course was created in Alenina Lhota in 2001.

Javorová Mountain (723 metres above sea level) is the highest mountain in the area and offers beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. Two skiing slopes with lifts are operated on the northern slope of Javorová Mountain, and marked cross-country skiing routes are to be found in the whole microregion. Also worth visiting is the village of Ounuz which was listed in 1995 due to its nicely preserved timbered rural buildings.

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