Tourist Information Centre

Opening time


Saturday–Sunday, public holiday





1. 1. - 9. 5.

29.-30. 4. (inventory check)

2. 7. (12.00-18.00 closed for technical reasons)

29.-30. 9. (inventory check)

28. 10.

17. 11. 

24.-26. 12.

30.-31. 12. (inventory check)


Infocentrum Město Tábor

Žižka Square 2

Tábor 390 01

Phone: 381 486 230, 381 486 231



Services provided

Free information service

- we provide information about sights, interesting places, culture, accommodation, hiking and biking routes in the Tábor region etc.

Internet for public and a wi-fi zone

- visitors can use 2 computers with free access to the internet (30 minute limit); free wi-fi

Sales of maps, guidebooks and souvenirs

- we sell maps, postcards, guidebooks, tourist memorial medals, posters, etc.

Guided tours

- we can arrange a guided tour (English, German, French) of the town (advance booking necessary) - download more information.

City guide for the mobile phone

- you can find a detailed map of Tábor with GPS navigation in the guide, town history, architectural sights, museums and galleries, natural sights, tour tips, cultural events and organizations, contacts and more information. A guide for smartphones is available for free download in Google Play and App Store.

- free of charge

Android phones and tablets

iPhone phones and iPad tablets

Renting of audioguides

- 24 audioguides are available; they provide brief information about sights in the historical centre of Tábor – language versions: Czech, English, German, French and Dutch

- these can be borrowed free of charge, there is a 500 CZK deposit per audioguide which is returned upon returning the device intact

Geocaching - Cachers in Tábor or easily throught Tábor with GPS

- An adventure geocaching game with a GPS device was designed primarily for families with children and to motivate them to explore Tábor in an entertaining way. Select one of two circuits with a few questions. A correct answer reveals coordinates of the next checkpoint. Having answered all questions, you can pick up a small reward in the Information Centre. If you do not have your own GPS device, we have 7 devices prepared for you; therefore, you can take multiple devices and compete against each other to determine who is a faster quiz solver. GPS rental is free; a refundable deposit of CZK 500 per device is required.

- download more information

Bike depository

– we run a small bike shelter – its capacity is 8 bikes

- when leaving a bike in the shelter, a cyclist (i.e. the one who has brought the bike to the shelter) is required to fill in a storage protocol, one copy of which is kept by the cyclist and the other is filed in the information centre

- bikes can be stored during the whole time the information centre is open, however, the bikes need to be picked up 15 minutes before the closing time of the centre at the latest. Bikes cannot be stored overnight or longer. We store your bike free of charge.

- the another way, how to store your bike is „bikebox“. It is very resistant box, where you can hang up 2 bikes.

- storing can be for 24 hours and is completely free, cyclists only choose PIN code, necessary for unlocking the box

- 2 x 5 pcs bike boxes are located at two strategic locations - outside the train station and outside the swimming pool

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