Group Tours

Are you planning a group tour to Tábor? We will advise you where to park, where to accommodate your clients, where to go for lunch and we will also help you with a program.

Guide tour

The Tourist Information Centre Tábor offers guided tours. The tour of the historical center of Tábor includes a tour of the most important architectural monuments and an introduction to the history of the city (does not include entrance to historical buildings, such as the Hussite Museum, underground tunnels, Kotnov Castle, etc.). The basic tour lasts 90 minutes and can be ordered in Czech, English and German – in Czech at least 1 week in advance, in foreign languages we recommend at least 2 weeks in advance.

Guide service price list

City tour in Czech 950 CZK

City tour in English 1350 CZK

City tour in German 1350 CZK

Detailed information and price list for the guide service: PRICE LIST guided tours_EN.pdf(size: 288 kB, format: pdf).

What to visit

The following museums are suitable for larger groups:

Hussite museum and underground tunnels

In this museum, your clients will learn about Hussite history, which is an inherent part of Tábor. They can also walk through a 500 m long route of underground tunnels, which will give them a closer look at what these three-story cellars were used for.

The Hussite exhibition is self-guided and you will spend approximately 60 minutes in it. Labels are in Czech and English, there is an option to rent audio guides in other languages.

The underground tunnels are guided and a group tour must be ordered in advance. The tour can be in Czech, English and German and lasts 40 minutes. The tour of the underground tunnels is not suitable for people with worser mobility and for people suffering from claustrophobia.

more information about the Hussite Museum

Chocolate and Marzipan Museum

If your clients like sweets, be sure to take them to this museum. Here they can see the chocolate fountain, the chocolate Jaromír Jágr and Mr. Bean, a marzipan model of the historic center and a chocolate train. In addition, they will learn a lot of interesting information about how chocolate is made and will be able to taste various pralines and other sweets.

Groups of more than 10 people must be booked in advance and it is possible to visit the exhibition individually or with a guide. For tours in a foreign language, it is necessary to order at least 3 days in advance.

more information about the chocolate museum

Lookout tower of the church

After climbing this tower, you will have one of the nicest views of the historic center. There are 200 steps leading up, partly stone, partly wooden, and one bell must be slipped under. The group does not need to be booked in advance.

more information about the church tower

Film Armoury

Your clients will get an original experience and photos from the Film Armoury at Housův mlýn. You will find there an exhibition of armor and weapons that were made and used in the films of various genres. For example, Bathory, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Hellboy, Tristan and Isolde, etc. For groups of more than 10 people, a tour is possible out of opening hours.

more information about the armoury

The pilgrimage church of Klokoty

This baroque church with ambits overgrown with roses has its own unique charm, if you want to take your group on a tour, be sure to order in advance, the guide will guide you through the entire church and introduce you to the legend of the apparition of the Virgin Mary, which preceded the construction of this church.

more information about the church in Klokoty

Bus parking

Tour buses (even double-deckers) can stop in front of Bechyňská brána in Na Parkánech street (map). Here, only boarding and getting off is possible, not the parking of the bus. After that, buses can park in front of the winter stadium in Václava Soumara Street (map). The distance from the historic center is 2 km. This parking lot is free.


Tábor offers a wide range of accommodation facilities. The following hotels are suitable for larger groups:

LH Hotel Dvořák – capacity 72 rooms with 139 beds and the possibility of 10 extra beds

Hotel Nautilus – capacity 22 rooms with 57 beds

Hotel Palcát – capacity 67 rooms with 137 beds

Hotel Tábor – capacity 23 rooms with 50 beds

Romantic hotel Eleonora – capacity 15 rooms with 43 beds

Hotel Relax – capacity 28 rooms with 58 beds

Hotel Elzet – capacity 15 rooms with 42 beds


If you want to stop for lunch with a group, we recommend the following restaurants in the historic center, all of which require advance reservations for larger groups:

Restaurant Škochův dům

Restaurant Beseda

Restaurant U Dvou koček

Goldie's Restaurant

La Cave Restaurant

Map of public toilets