Church Tower

Do you want to take really beautiful photos of the square? Then, you shouldn't be afraid of 200 stairs and climb the 75-m high tower of the Dean's church. Your climb will be enhanced by a bell weighing over 2.5 tons you will have to crawl under. The entrance to the church tower is located at the back side of the church (a small brown door). A sale exhibition of old bank notes, coins, postcards, minerals and other interesting items is located within the tower. A fee for the exhibition is included in the ticket allowing you to visit the lookout tower.

Join a virtual tour – 360° view from the tower of the Dean's church here.

Additional tip

Up to 1956, a tower guard with his family lived here; try to imagine living in such a place!

Opening time

May, September

open irregularly


Monday–Sunday 10.00–17.00

You can also visit the tower after you have arranged the tour by phone.



70 CZK

students and seniors

50 CZK

children (5-15 years)
30 CZK
disabled person

30 CZK

children under 5 years


family ticket (2 adults + 2 children)

180 CZK

Payment with banknotes up to a value of 200 CZK.


Mr. Pavel Kroužek

Žižkovo náměstí, Tábor

+420 606 322 050

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