Borkovice Marshland Educational Path (5.5 km)

This 5.5 km long path is often sought after by botanists and tourists (approximately 2 hours´ walk), most of which runs on wooden causeways along which there are thirty information boards describing the former methods of peat extraction, special features of this melancholic countryside and typical local plants and animals.

The best preserved part of the marshland was listed as a place of natural interest in 1980. The name of the place was derived from the word “borek” which means an extracted peat brick. Extraction used to be carried out manually (workers used special tools) and the extracted peat bricks were dried and then burned as fuel. Today, peat is extracted in one single place only and solely for spa purposes. The area boasts some very rare plants such as Labrador-tea, a special species of pine tree, or the round-leaved Sundew.

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391 81 Borkovice

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