Dean's Church of Lord‘s Conversion on Mount Tábor

The name of the main church confirms the orientation of our predecessors and their relationship to the Bible. A story in the Gospel has it that on Mount Tábor near Genezaret Lake in Palestine Jesus changed his appearance before the very eyes of his followers to show them that he was the God’s son.

In the place of the contemporary dean church a wooden church used to stand which was more like a barn than a religious structure. In the 1480´s the construction of a new, more monumental sanctuary began. Stanek of Prague, having proved his skills in the town hall, was summoned again. About the year 1512 he finished the interior of the church. The church has a nave and two adjacent aisles on the sides. While the presbytery is vaulted over with a rare diamond vault, the rest of the church has a tracery vault. The church was built at the same time as the town hall, which means they both bear similar architectural features - of the late Gothic period. However, due to later alterations the church has also signs of other architectural styles. First Renaissance gables were added, then a Renaissance gallery lengthened the Gothic tower, and in 1677 all this was topped with a Baroque dome designed by Giovanni ad Capauli. At the end of the last century the architect Josef Mocker renewed the medieval appearance of the church.

Tourists who would like to have a bird’s eye view of Tabor can climb 250 steps to the church tower which is 75 meters tall and will be rewarded with a beautiful view of the town and its surroundings.


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