Tourist region Toulava: In the very heart of Bohemia from Tábor to us…

The region on the borders of South Bohemia and Central Bohemia only 60 km from Prague which is in close proximity to the towns of Tábor, Bechyně, Milevsko and Sedlčany, has always attracted visitors by its rich history, the number of sights, romantic nooks and pristine landscape. It is a place where you can find the real soul and heart of the Czech nation. This place is called Toulava.

Into the heart of history

This is the place where Czech and world history were written. Hussite town Tábor, the cradle of Eropean reformation, later became the symbol and source of courage for the whole Czech nation. The Vítkovci dynasty that originated in a small town Sedlec-Prčice had a long history of influence on South Bohemia. The region from Tábora to Us… abounds in unique sights – picturesque ruins of castles Kozí hrádek and Borotín, Bechyně castle, churches and monasteries, historical towns and technical monuments such as the oldest electrified railway in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Into the heart of region

Nowhere is the landscape so distinctively Czech. Green hills speckled with herds of cattle, valleys hiding villages where you feel like the time has stopped, deep forests with centenerian trees – all these marvels just beckon you to take a walk or a bike ride alongside a well marked net of touristic paths. The calm Lužnice river pushes its way from Tábor to Bechyně through a steep canyon and invites to canoeing, paddling and boating, rocks above the river attract rockclimbers and the Vltava river and the Orlík dam serve as an ideal place for all kinds of water sports.

Into the heart of people and their traditions

The biggest Hussite festival Táborská setkání, South Bohemia folklore festivalin Kovářov where still survive traditions of the ethnographic region Kozácko, or the biggest Shrovetide carnival in Bohemia Milevské maškary allows you to experience traditional charm of times long gone. To tickle your buds, you can taste local products certified by Toulava trademark such as chocolate, beer, gingerbread and many others, and you can bring home as a souvenir a handmade traditional ceramics called bechyňská keramika.

Into the heart of good spirits

Toulava – is a region of good mood where everybody can find something to their taste and mood. Adrenaline lovers will appreciate Monínec resort with its rope park and bikepark. For those who prefer winter sports the resort offers a piste with a four-seat ski lift and well kept cross country skiing tracks. Children as well adults can enjoy fun in places such as medieval open-air folk museum and film armoury or experience park Zeměráj with various tasks and puzzles to solve.

Address / contact

Vančurova 1946, Tábor

775 012 001


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