Kozí Hrádek - castle ruins

Amid large forests above the charming valley of Kozský Brook, there are the ruins of a small castle known as Kozí Hrádek, first mentioned in sources in 1377.

In the middle there used to be a large residential tower encircled with wooden barriers, a moat and a bulwark. Master Jan Hus, a great reformer of the Catholic Church, found refuge in the castle after his departure from Prague in 1413-1414 and wrote some of his masterpieces there. After a fire in the mid-15th century the castle became deserted. Kozí Hrádek has been a listed historic site since 1962. In the vicinity there is the ‘Hussite Mound’ designed by V. Dušek (1881-1966) with a bronze statue of Jan Hus. Nowadays, Kozí Hrádek and the nearby open-air restaurant are a popular destination for trips.

Opening time

May-September 9.00-17.00


adults30 CZK
seniors, students, children and invalids
20 CZK

Address / contact

391 02 Sezimovo Ústí 2

+420 736 523 288




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