Brandlín castle

The first mention of Brandlín castle comes already from 14th century. At this time Brandlín Castle was a manor of members of the lower Czech nobility – squires.

Before year 1381 Beneš from Brandlín lived here, but immediately in year 1400 the owner has become Albert from Těchobuze. After a short time have occurred proprietary displutes which won Jarohněv from Kouta, but the fort early fell into the ownership of Olbramovové Brandlínští from Štěkř and they rebuilt Brandlín to the new fort in Renaissance style. The first of Oblbramové Brandlínští – Jindřich was a burgrave in Choustnice village. After him Brandýn fort got his son Jan and after him his son Adam in year 1589 together with Jiřík Olbram. They sold Brandlín fort to Jindřich younger Hozlau from Hozlau who attended in resistance of Czech estates and between revolts he died. Jan older Černín from Chudenice gain first confiscated property, but early in 1628 the property was sold to Štěpán Draghi from Palatino, then after him the owners took turns very fast and is reasonable to expect that they were re-creating Brandlín according to their needs. (Vilém Vrchotický form Loutkov, in year 1650 Lorenc Berger from Rosenvert and sons Jan Jiří and Václav Leopold, Jan Jiří odler Dohalský from Dobaliv, Váslav Vojtěch form Eckersdorf and in year 1675 count Oktavia Karel Cavriani). In years 1740 – 1781 the fort belonged to Cistercian monastery Zlatá Koruna and after its cancelation Brandlín got religious fund. In 1812 the fort has become separate object of buildings and was bought by knight Kryštof from André (1812-1845) and from year 1845 Brandlín belonged to noble Jan Nádherný (1845 – 1861). These two last gentelmen contributed very much to reshape the fort on today´s castle.

In the lower part of the Castle is situated The Castle Pub, where you can sit-down in a pleasant enviroment with a great view on beautiful arches and escutcheons of all previous owners.

On the first floor is a new exposition of the knight´s hall. Here you can find historical artefacts and their replicas, including old castle clocks and also gallery of painter JUDr. Boris Eibl. Next you can see wall map of the neighborhood and eldest part of fort – the tower.

Openings hours


Monday–Thursday 11.00, 13.00, 15.00

Friday–Saturday 11.00, 13.00, 15.00, 17.00

Address / contact

Tučapy-Brandlín 1
392 01 Tučapy

+420 605 064 578

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