Chýnov – the birthplace of sculptor František Bílek

Chýnov is situated 10 km east of Tábor. It is one of the longest permanently inhabited sites in Bohemia. The first written mention of Chýnov can be found in the Kosmas's Chronicle of Bohemia and relates to 981.

The fortified settlement used to occupy the area of the present-day chateau. After the Slavník clan had been exterminated, Chýnov passed into the hands of the Přemysl dynasty. The last owners of the castle of Chýnov were the Schwarzenbergs. The Roman Catholic Baroque-style of the Holy Trinity located in the square and founded in 995 is one of the Tábor region's most important religious monuments. The village was the home of several sculptors in the 19th and the first half of the 20th century. The best known of these is probably František Bílek (1872-1941), an Art Nouveau artist and a leading figure of symbolism, who has his birth house and studio in the village (in the possession of the Gallery of the Capital of Prague). The local cemetery where he is buried is dominated by his sculpture entitled A prayer over tombs. The cemetery features other works by Bílek: e.g. a headstone entitled the Last Supper situated over the grave of natural historian Fr. Nekut. Other headstones are the works by his brother,  Antonín Bílek and sculptor Karel Gabriel.

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391 55 Chýnov

+420 381 297 647

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