The Pintovka nature trail

The nature trail was opened in November 1987 according to an original design by Ing. František Vališ. It was reconstructed at the expenses of the town of Tábor in May 2000, shortened and adapted according to a design by Josef Tůma. The 30 stops of the nature trail make the visitors familiar with the wood and plant species comprising the forest societies as well as with the issues of forest management and game keeping. The route of the trail is marked with a white square with a diagonal green line.

The forest park of Pintovka also features a children's playground and a stage, where rock and folk concerts take place on a regular basis and which is situated on the left-hand side of the road leading to Bechyně. From the forest park we can descend Švehla's Bridge where we will find the Eleonora Chapel and a fountain with radioactive water.