Cemetery Chapel of St. Filip and Jakub

Almost in the shadow of Kotnov Tower and Bechyňská Gate there is a park called Pod Kotnovem. The park was founded between the years 1969 and 1973 in the place of an old town cemetery.

Celebrities were buried there as late as the 19th century; for example Josef Němec, the husband of the famous Czech fairy-tale writer Božena Němcová. People prayed for the dead in the cemetery chapel. The chapel was first mentioned in sources in the year 1388 in connection with the noble family of Ústí who had two altars installed there. The current appearance of the chapel is a result of several Baroque alterations to a formerly Gothic structure. It was burned down by Prussian soldiers in 1744, and then rebuilt for the last time.

Nowadays, concerts and various cultural events are held there.