Tábor Botanical Garden

The garden was founded in 1866 and is the second oldest in the Czech Republic. You can admire thermophilic flora in the garden greenhouses; both European and exotic woody plants are displayed in the arboretum. You can also visit a small room in the garden with handicapped animals where Sisi the Fox also lives.

The graden belongs to the secondary school of agriculture; the school had a status of a college from 1900 to 1918, and at that time the garden flourished most. Since 1906 the garden has been sending seeds to the whole world; currently they supply seeds to 400 places in Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand and to 100 places in the Czech Republic. Visitors can admire more than 4,000 plants - thermophile flora in glass-houses, European and exotic trees in an arboretum, various sorts of spices and cereals the most interesting of which is a kind of wheat planted 8,000 years ago. The main research project called ‘the cultivation system’ focuses on utility plants used in the past before chemical fertilisers were introduced and oil refined. The botanical garden is situated behind the secondary school of agriculture (in T.G. Masaryk Square) and is open to the public. The school provides a guide for a group of at least 20 people, smaller groups should seek information from employees present.

Additional tip

You can also visit a small room in the garden with handicapped animals where Sisi the Fox also lives.

Opening time


Monday–Friday 7.00–17.00


Monday–Friday 8.00–16.30


Monday–Friday 7.00–18.00

Saturday–Sunday 10.00–17.00


Monday–Friday 7.00–16.30


Monday–Friday 7.00–16.00


garden: free of charge

glasshouses: adults 20 CZK; children 6 – 15 years, handicapped, groups of students 10 CZK; children under 6 years - free of charge


nám. T. G. M. 788, Tábor 390 02

tel.: +420 774 128 073

e-mail: botgarden@seznam.cz


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