Kotnov Tower and Bechyně Gate

Kotnov Tower is a landmark of a castle ruined during a fire in 1532. The existing tower was strengthened in Hussite times and adopted for artillery batteries. Breather chimneys in embrasures are one of its interesting features. The tower is 25m high, serves as a lookout tower today and has 155 stairs.

Inside the Bechyňská gate was created a new exhibition about the history of Tábor from prehistoric times to the Thirty Years' War. A virtual tour of this exhibition can be found at this link.  

Additional tip

If you want to enjoy a fascinating view of the city at twilight, join a night tour of the castle in summer.

Opening time



basic70 CZK
reduced50 CZK
family ticket (2 adults + 3 children) 160 CZK


Klokotská ulice, Tábor 390 01

+420 381 252 788 (May-September)



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