Chocolate and Miniature Gallery

Within the 400-year-old house and on a surprisingly small area, you can find everything you need to know about chocolate–if you want to take it seriously. You will learn about its origins and history. You will get to know how it is produced. You will also get rid of some myths and illusions and many of you will also just now realize what real chocolate is and how it tastes, and also the fact that many times you consider something as being chocolate even though it actually is not. You will see jewels for both men and women inspired by this sweet delicacy, fairy-tale books about chocolate and other items created in the local studio. The most important one is a functioning model of a little cake shop called Magic Praline from the fairy-tale Mystery of the Last Praline. Here, each visitor to Tábor and also its citizens can buy pralines and other delicacies designed as jewels, small magnets, creative sets for children, colouring pictures for both children and adults and other various gift items.

Opening time


daily from 10.00 to 17.00


Admission to the 'Confectionery' U Kouzelné pralinky is VOLUNTARY, to the gallery 100 CZK / person.


Špitálská 289, Tábor 390 01

+420 737 366 725