Water Tower

The Renaissance water supply tower is decorated with crimped gables and it is a technical type of structure. Its construction was a logical consequence of constructing the Jordán dam, a reservoir of drinking water for the town. Nowadays there is a gallery on several floors of the Water Tower.

The location on a hill gave the town safety, but on the other hand its citizens always lacked water. That was why the artificial lake, called the Biblical name Jordan, was created in 1492. It is the oldest dam in Central Europe. Tabor has had enough water since then, but there was another problem to be solved - how to get the water from the lake up to the Old Town. At the very beginning of the 16th century an ingenious appliance that pumped water from the Jordan up to the town, to the water tower, was built under the Jordán dam. The water tower is incorporated in the eastern part of the town walls 32 metres above the Jordán. From there water was piped to fountains all over the town. The tower was not only useful but also beautiful. It was refurbished after the big fire in 1559 and embellished with vault gables and sgraffito.The area behind the Water Tower is called Market Square. It was created in the Baroque period when parts of the fortification system were renovated. The open space ended in a steep slope encircled with a fortification wall, which gave the defenders a better chance to fend off enemies. Today the square is used as a parking lot, but several times a year it returns to the times of its importance and fame when historic markets are organized there reminding about the eventful history of the town.