Town of Mladá Vožice

North-east of Tábor, upon the river Blanice, the town of Mladá Vožice is situated. Its history reaches back to the 13th century.

The town became famous after a battle between the Hussites and the Iron Lords who were chased there after the battle of Sudoměř in 1420. Afterwards, Jan Žižka burned to town down and acquired valuable weapons. Five years later the Hussites conquered and destroyed Vožice Castle. The most significant building is the originally Renaissance chateau of the 16th century which was subsequently modified in the Baroque and Classicist style; nowadays the castle is not open to the public. Visitors to the town can have a look at the Baroque Church of St. Martin from the late-18th century. A Gothic tower with a square layout which was modified in the romantic style in the early 20th century stands near the church. On a hill behind the town, on the site of the original castle, you can find the Chapel of the Assumption from 1646. You can visit the geographical museum located in the house of a famous native, August Sedláček. Another famous native, painter and marionette maker Ota Bubeníček, is commemorated in the Town Hall.


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391 43 Mladá Vožice

+420 381 201 921

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