The town of Soběslav is situated upon the confluence of the River Lužnice and Černovice Stream, 18 km south of Tábor. The Rožmberks used to consider it a significant strategic point in the late 13th century and the whole history of the town is closely related to the history of their family.

Soběslav Square is dominated by the precious double-nave church of St. Peter and Paul, and a Renaissance Town Hall and several houses in the Renaissance style. These include for example the Smrček and Rožmberk houses, where the natural history museum of the nearby marshland and the Tábor region is situated. In the vicinity there is the Gothic church of St. Vitus which has been preserved nearly unchanged. Other religious structures in Soběslav include, for example, the early Baroque Church of St. Mark which originates from the mid-17th century. A cylindrical tower called Hláska remains from the original castle established in the 13th century. The railway and the road connecting Tábor and České Budějovice both run through Soběslav. 

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392 01 Soběslav

+420 381 508 111

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