Other sports venues


Fitness OC Slunce - Technogym fitness machines, cardio machines, skating machines and a hall for group activities led by seasoned instructors. The entire centre is air-conditioned and there's also a pleasant sauna and a solarium. Contact: Purkyňova 2961, Tábor, phone: +420 777 156 201, www.fitness-tabor.cz

Fitness club Dagmar Kosíkové - The fitness centre contains an aerobic zone (2 running machines, 2 elliptical machines, 2 bicycle machines and rowing machine), a stretching room – balls of various sizes, balancing accessories, exercise rubbers and mats, Grün sport fitness machines. Contact:Budějovická ulice 1542, Tábor, phone: +420 602 538 529, dagmar.kosikova@seznam.cz, www.dagmarkosikova.cz

Sportcentrum Peta Tábor - The fitness centre has Grünsport Classic machines and one-hand machines, mats, wall bars and other exercising aids. The cardio zone includes six Precor machines, two Precor elliptical trainers, one Sportsart Fitness elliptical trainer and one Sportsart Fitness rehabilitation machine. The centre is fully air-conditioned. Contact: Měšická 1993/2, Tábor, phone +420 381 292 539, sportcentrum.tabor@seznam.cz, www.sportcentrum-tabor.cz

Jumping Sokolovna - A lesson consists of small dynamic jumps, fast "sprints" and balancing on trampoline elastic strings. Contact: Fűgnerova 822, Tábor, tel.: +420 721 190 500, peta.novot@seznam.cz, www.jumpsokolovna.cz

Relax centrum U Drsů - gym, spinning, sauna, etc. Contact: Varšavaká 2708, Tábor, phone: +420 381 263 905, drs@hotel-relax.cz, www.hotel-relax.cz

Playing field

Sportcentrum Peta Tábor - courts for racquetball and squash. Contact: Měšická 1993/2, Tábor, phone: +420 381 292 539, sportcentrum.tabor@seznam.cz, www.sportcentrum-tabor.cz

Relaxation zone Komora - a cycling and in-line oval, a skatepark, 2 beach-volleyball courts, a disc-golf course, football – a pitch for minifootball. Contact: Na Bydžově 3122, Tábor, phone: +420 383 835 723, tzmtkomora@tzmt.cz, www.tzmt.cz

Ice Arena - a renovated ice rink is open from the end of July to April. The rink's dimensions are 29x60m. In winter and when weather permits, there's an outdoor ice rink sized 15x30m. Contact: V. Soumara 2300, Tábor, phone: +420 702 196 694, tzmtzs@tzmt.cz, www.tzmt.cz

Sports fields with free public access – a smaller field with basketball courts, table-tennis tables etc. For the list of sports fields, visit here (Czech only).

Other sports facilities

Jump aréna Tábor - professional trampoline park in Tabor, where you can find a variety of attractions, Contact: Soběslavská 3070, 390 05 Tábor, tel.: +420 736 213 601, e-mail: info@jumparenatabor.czwww.jumparenatabor.cz

Čekanice Club Shooting Range – a big open shooting range with indoor shooting stations, handguns (4x aimed shots on 25m, 8x turn on 25m) 18 stations for rifles (50 and 100m), 2x shooting chamber for 50 and 100m ranges. Contact: Čekanice 266, Tábor, phone: +420 733 765 694, skkcekanice@atlas.cz, www.skcekanice.com