Café Mañana

New cafe in the historic center of Tábor. We want you to feel at home with us. Or, for example, like when visiting your grandmother, who had porcelain displayed in the display cases, from which was only drunk on special occasions. Simply Mañana - a place where you forget your problems, have a coffee, a glass of wine or something good to eat and just BE. We prepare coffee from the Táborská roaster Garage Coffee. We serve wine from Moravian winemakers and we also have a selection of rums. Additionally, additional sales of cosmetics from Tábor (Nikko B) and then soap and small items from the Soap Factory on Pálavské vřské. We also sell gift packs of coffee from the Garage Coffee roaster.

Capacity: 10 people (can be increased as needed)

Address / contact

Klokotská 113,
390 01 Tábor

775 322 757

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