Lužnice Holiday Resort



Parking lot

Parking lot

Animal in the room

Animal in the room

Outdoor swimming

Outdoor swimming

The Lužnice Holiday Resort is situated between the left bank of the Lužnice River and the Kukle Nature Park close to Dobronice u Bechyně.

The complex capacity is 60 beds in 15 separate cottages with private bathrooms and electric heating, including a cottage for physically disabled guests.

The resort also contains its own kitchen, dining room, bar with frozen products to buy, a common room, playground, asphalt court (volleyball, foot tennis,basketball), bike room, central parking area and option to make a private barbecue on an open fire.

Address / contact

Dobronice u Bechyně 113,
391 65 Dobronice u Bechyně

+420 736 278 044


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