Tábor Treasure Exposition

Have you ever wished to discover a real treasure? The one from Tábor can be seen in the newly opened exhibition where four thousand silver coins from the Jagiellon period are on display. Coins along with other things for everyday use were discovered in a house in the historical centre of Tábor.

‘The house which would hide treasures for centuries’.

Archaeological research was performed during general renovation of house no. 308 in Svatošova Street in Tábor in 2001.

Besides supervision and terrain research, three salvage projects were organized which brought new knowledge about the architectural and historical development of the house and about life in it from the late Middle Ages up until the 17th century. The uncovered layout and pieces of kitchenware obtained enhanced historians’ ideas about the appearance of Tábor burgher houses and their equipment in the late Middle Ages and the early Modern Era; some of the discovered artefacts give a general idea about the period’s production, trade and craft, about social events, holding of office, lifestyle and so on.

Since all the three archaeological finds give us an extraordinary chance to look into long-ago times and thus get an idea about the life, work and thoughts of Tábor burghers who lived there many centuries ago, we decided to make these accessible to the general public through this permanent exhibition called ‘Tábor Treasure’.

The exhibition first focuses on the history of house no. 308 and the finds which date from the period before the house was destroyed by fire in 1525. This catastrophe is actually related to the coin treasure, which is considered the most significant coin find from the Jagiellon period in our country due to its scope, quality and the good state of the hiding place. At the end we get the chance to glance into the home of town scribe Vaclav Churáněk who lived in the house at the turn of the 17th century. A large collection of household goods which give us evidence about kitchen equipment, table manners and also the owner’s profession and his social life have remained from this period.

Opening time


9.00–12.00 and 13.00–17.00



20 CZK

children ( 6-15 years), students under 26 years, seniors und disabled persons

10 CZK

children under 6 years



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