Parking for disabled citizens

Vehicles parked on places for disabled citizens have to be clearly marked according to the law and the holder has to present his/her valid severe health disability card (ZTP, ZTP/P).

You can use this link to download a map of places for disabled people. The places are marked using a light-blue square within the map; the number beside a square specifies the amount of parking places.

Payment conditions on places reserved for disabled citizens (ZTP, ZTP/P):

a) Parking is FREE on approx 68 reserved places.

b) The Tabačka above-ground car park (barrier system) on Husovo náměstí enables you to park for 2 hrs for FREE – the attendant will deduct the discount from the price when you leave the car park.

c) The PARKING CENTRUM house – ČSA armády street, 4 places are reserved in this house. Price is CZK 10/hr, max CZK 40/24hrs – ZTP has no discount here.

Parking of ZTP, ZTP/P holders on other than reserved places (on paid parking lots for visitors or on parking places reserved for OPS parking card holders) is possible on rare occasions and is resolved by police officers of the Tábor Municipal Police or the Police of the Czech Republic.

Information on possibilities for visually impaired people

The City of Tábor has

Audio information panels

These panels include an interactive map with audio spots and help people to navigate through the town and introduce its best-known sights. Spots are available in the following languages: Czech, English, German and Dutch.

Audio guides

Visitors can use 10 audio guides. Spots on history and sights are available in five language versions – CZ, EN, DE, NL. Rental is free at the Information Centre at Žižkovo náměstí; a refundable deposit of CZK 500 per device is required.

A town model

A bronze-relief model of the historical centre is located at Žižkovo náměstí

in the "info spot" – beside number 11 by Bechyňská brána and at Náměstí Fr. Křižíka. It is in the info spot, arranged horizontally as a free design, and it enables visually impaired people to perfectly haptically experience the relief of the historical part of the town.

Hussite Museum - Hussites Exposition

This exposition is wheelchair accessible and special guide texts in Braille for blind people are available.

The Information Centre of the City of Tábor does not have:

Relief images with captions in Braille

Models of sights for haptic experience

Maps for visually impaired people and haptic maps

Wheelchair-accessible museums and cultural organizations

Hussite Museum - Hussites Exposition, Tábor ZOO, botanical garden, Housův mlýn – just the ground floor with a Hussite pub, the armoury is on the second floor, U Radnice Gallery, Municipal Library, Oskar Nedbal Theatre and Svět Cinema.

Wheelchair-accessible accommodation and dining

For an overview of wheelchair-accessible accommodation, visit this link where you can select the "Bezbariérový (barrier-free)" item from the "Vybavení (Equipment)" filter.

For an overview of wheelchair-accessible dining options, visit this link where you can select the "Bezbariérový přístup (barrier-free access)" item from the "Vybavení (Equipment)" filter.